We Have One Month Left Before FRUITPOCHETTE’s Final Blaze of Glory

ZUMA, the incomparable Shiori, has been holding the tiny, flickering candle for the remains of FRUITPOCHETTE ever since, a few months ago, it was announced that the project was going to come to an end (after five years though!). Mina had already left, Rum had unsuccessfully filled her shoes, Kyuri did an admirable job filling in but was going back to solo idoling … that was it. Shiori would soldier on alone until a final live, when a nice bow could be put on idol metal’s greatest also-ran.

Shiori shared this trailer for the final live this morning:

Wait a second, is that–


Poor Mina had to explain to her legions of new cosplay fans that, in addition to doing Yuimetal and various other characters (and occasionally crushing Babymetal covers), she was in fact a heavy metal idol not all that long ago, and that she was going back to the source to close down the project that for so long identified with her, and her with it.

Shiori of course celebrated the only way she knows how:

So this is cool. Kirby and you other guys who are going to be at the last live, you’re lucky-ass ducks. Even if it’s just for one night, this is like an assemblage of legit legends who never got the respect they deserved. I’d kill to be there.

H/t to Jul for the tip!