Say Hi to the New Malcolm Mask McLaren

Nao, the second third member of Malcolm Mask McLaren, graduated the other day. Sad! I for some reason thought that the promised new members weren’t going to be revealed until they debuted a little while after the fact, so I literally said “aw, just put the Nao thing into the Weekender, it’s not really whole-post material because you did the announcement before” and made a note to follow up.

So imagine my surprise to see this!

I’ll miss Nao, because she kind of it-girled MMM from being interesting to being flat-out cool for me, but I’d also be lying if Ai weren’t one of my favorite people on Twitter, a good friend of Azuma Shiori and as much of a fangirl as anybody out there, and I love people who are clearly way into what they’re doing.

But loogit! New members! And of course one of them is a short-haired blonde named Momo, thereby fulfilling a modern idol requirement; a megane member may be soon to follow.

It is required to ask, though: So the masks are just gone at this point? And their whole look has changed between “Bordeaux” and now, too, so is the punk also just gone at this point? Is there a fuller re-brand in order? I’m literally asking — this is idle speculation for the sake of it; like, if you have answers or insights, I’d love to know about it.