Unleash Your Literary Muse For Today’s Friday Fun…

Helloooo and welcome to Friday, everyone!

“Hey! What gives? You’re not Kerrie!”

Oh gee, sorry peeps, yeah, it’s Brian. Kerrie is off doing cool stuff and we’re doing fun by committee for this week! I know, I know, but I can be fun, I swear. Just gimme a chance, okay?

“This better be good! And we better get Kerrie back soon!” 

Okay, okay! I know I’m not as much fun as Kerrie, but I think I can get a sensible chuckle out of you! Let’s get to it!

Well first of all, let’s do the customary recap from last week, cause it was a good one! You guys looove goofing on WACK and BiSH don’t you? It’s always the Fun topic that’s guaranteed to bring out the guffaws, and this was no different, with plenty of great offerings…


So what the heck are we doing this time? I was thinking of the classic idol enthusiast pastimes like cosplay, dance covers, conspiracy theories and, of course, one of the great staples of fandom … FAN FICTION!

So here’s what we want you to do: In the form of a single tweet, write the opening line to a fantastic piece of outrageous fan fiction. Think of it as a story prompt, if you will. Let your brain go bonkers and be as ridiculous as you want. I tried to think of some examples…

Sari’s spider was depressed, feeling unloved and unwanted. He’d been sitting in a jewelry chest for weeks now, alone with only a pair of earrings and a slap bracelet for company. “Where has my master gone, and why has she forgotten me?”


Rin got new pair of glasses, but something was odd about these. She put them on & her phone rang. It was Koshouji asking if she wanted to go to a new tea place. Then the phone rang: It was Koshouji asking about a tea place. “Whoa!” she thought, “These glasses predict the future!”


Nozomi was relaxing on the couch at Billie Idle headquarters, drinking a San Pellegrino when there was a knock at the door. She peeked through the peephole, spying a familiar face wearing big glasses & leopard print gym shorts. “Shit…. WTF does he want?”

The extra challenge of this one is the Twitter character limit, but make it work, I believe in you! (Hint, maybe use an emoji to cheat.) Tweet your fan fiction intro/prompts and tag them with #IdolFanFicMadness — that’s it!!

So c’mon people, have a blast with this and make us proud! Don’t be afraid to go absurd and silly, cause we’ll all love it even more. I’m looking forward to the madness, so let your literary muse fly!