Your Homicidols Weekender #117

Good morning! Did everybody have a good week? Idol went and flexed good and hard on us, didn’t it? Plenty to enjoy. And now the inevitable break that, because I for once don’t have anything else to do and could maybe enjoy just bumming around the house a little bit, will surely be ruined by a string of awesome MVs and a graduation that’ll make your head spin. This week’s huge personal loss is Dots, of course. Still trying to process that one.

Let’s all do our best to do our least for a little bit this weekend, okay? Relax. Reflect. Appreciate that this is easily the most boring time of year, and you owe it to yourself to embrace that spirit. I mean, by all means play the Fun, an excellent entry by our most Supreme Nothing, but otherwise let the magic of the Weekender take you to a happy place.

Serenity Now!


This is a nice clip from Alive to Rainy:

I see that Terry has done the ol’ reaction treatment for who will hereby be your introduction to what can only be described as “denska”:

C-Style vs. whatever the hell Chemical Reaction is doing now should be oodles of fun:

This whole thing from syva, Codomomental’s 0.5 creative mastermind, has been a great trip:

Sola Sound recording?

Time to go get that LAST IN MY CULT EP, gang:

There was actually a second new Party Rockets GT song the other day; I preferred to let the better one stand on its own:

I never get to cover Strawberry Painkiller anymore, so here’s Ichigo … doing karaoke?

The XTEEN live experience is looking boss:

A little more of Rei’s Knuckle Chiwawa (sic) in action:

If No Surprises is going to do some kind of post-disco thing, I might fall right to pieces:

Okay, Kolokol, we’re interested:

Live with I.D.And Fly LooM:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is 143, who I’ve now started, stopped, deleted, started and forgotten about over the course of the week. It honestly doesn’t warrant a whole post for them, so … here’s a new song!

In seeking to flesh out this mini-feature, I find lyrics:

You are now aware of that!

Himari would like your questions:

It’s such an absolute blessing to share the world with sora tob sakana:

PassCode DVD, you guys:

This KINGRAGE live video was too tame to post about, shame:

These annual Screaming Sixties beach excursions seem fun:

Fans of the original 969 may recall musical polymath Inoue Yume; this is the latest from her band:

She’s right, you know:

Some raymay debut photos, with uijin:

I continue to not understand this thing that Shiori does, but she sure does sing nice:

Have a great weekend!

This is what RABBITS Lab does now apparently, btw

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  1. That Last In My Cult EP is a welcome addition to my collection. I should note that international fans can get it cheaper at ($5.99) or (4.95 GBP) than from the usual Japanese sources, given current exchange rates.

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