Under Beasty’s Got a Goal for Their Second Single! And Also Some Live Video!

Gimme a minute.

I love the crap out of this song.

Under Beasty, who sound like a Harajuku biker bar come to life and have one of the most just-look-at-it-quickly giggle-worthy names when transliterated into English, are one of the reasons that I made this site. I loved “raven” when it popped out last summer, I loved that they’re member-driven (that is, the members have a lot to do with the music and dance and look etc.) and I loved that their sound hewed closer to the NWOBHM tradition than the thrash or power or whatever.

And then they kind of *poof* disappeared.

No, they didn’t actually disappear. If you follow them on Twitter, you can find lots of clips from their live performances (including one shared here). But like a website? Fan club? Presence in most of the other alt-idol social web? Nope! But I was kind of looking through things this morning, remembered that I’d seen/done this, and went after them on Twitter to see what’s up. This is what’s up:

It’s always good to have goals.

Of course, no Twitter journey would be complete without seeing what all else is going on, so here’s an added bonus of Under Beasty (now at five members?) performing three songs at an outdoor show last night (or Sunday night? Saturday? I can’t tell):