The Cruelest of Fates: BiSH Cannonball Results

It was a stunt too weird and non-specific to be true, but the BiSH Cannonball run wrapped up about an hour ago (right, Twitter?).

There are, of course, winners and losers. And of course the punishments are extreme.

This tweet spells out the final ranks:

For point of reference, this PIH Facebook post goes into good detail about who was with whom, how this came about (porn?), etc. It looks like POP‘s manager had a very good Saturday.

Anyway, congratulations to Hug Me and Aina the End for their victory and prizes. Tough nuts to St. Chitti and Atsuko, but at least they had me rooting for them. And all the LOLs in the world directed at Gumico and liNGliNG, whose plunge into the abyss will no doubt be enjoyable to watch. There’ll apparently be video!


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