Your Best of 2017 Ballot 2

You can still vote on the first ballot for the other categories, too!

Good morning, everybody! A lot of folks have voted on the first half of the ballot, and this half is the one that’s actually the most loaded with big awards. In a few cases, you’ll need to put your thinking caps on, questioning whether your personal fandom or what you know to be true is the greater priority. I’ll tell you, the results so far? People might be surprised, and in a pleasant oh-how-interesting-I-would-not-have-expected-that way.

If this is your first entree into the Best Of process, I’m asking for your contact info so that I can send you the randomly drawn prize, which will be randomly drawn on Sunday! Also, a brief satisfaction survey at the end.

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Closing Time: Last Call for Your Best of 2017 Nominees

It took a while, gang — counting is hard! — but I finally got everybody’s nominees tallied for each category in the Best of 2017. The only thing left to do before we settle this? Figure out what happened in November that deserves to make the cut.

Rather than give up the actual, full list of nominees just yet, I’m approaching this in a completely new way: Below is a table; that table contains the least-vote getting actually qualified nominee per category. The task before you? If you think that something that came out in November (for instance, some highly anticipated album! some particularly violent MV!) needs to make the cut, then nominate it! BUT this isn’t a simple nomination — that thing you like needs to get at least as many nominations as the least vote-getting actually qualified nominee. Make sense? Continue reading

One More Pre-call for the Best of 2017

Kerrie, bless you for doing this, but let’s all prepare ourselves for the entire nomination and voting process to be spoiled by somebody dropping the greatest works of all entirely in the final week of November.

Oh, what’s this, a reminder? Yep, I’m here to pester you all again regarding this year’s Best Of awards. Last year’s Best Of 2016 nomination process was a bit chaotic, so throughout the year, I’ve been keeping a thread going in order to keep track of anything of note that has happened over 2017, from releases, graduations and just things that pissed off/delighted you throughout the year so far! However, I’m merely one foolish woman, so it’s easy for me to forget things, which is where you come in! Continue reading

What Are Your Mid-year Contenders for the Best of 2017?

Hey team, as you may have known, we did a little thing at the end of last year with a big ol’ community award thing for the Best of 2016. It was an absolute WACK bloodbath! Babymetal got completely shut out! I had lots of contrary opinions!

Well, Kerrie’s been compiling 2017 nominations going back a couple of months now, and we’d like your input, too. Continue reading

A Very Early Look at the Best of 2017

Kerri added this fun little thread in the forums the other day, and I wanted to call it out as an opportunity for folks to weigh in on the actual best of 2017 that we’ll actually get to do in 6-7 months; if we do our homework ahead of time, maybe we can avoid that arduous slog toward December that 2016 turned out to be.

Best of 2017 Predictions/Early Contenders

This Is Definitely the Best Podcast That You’ll Watch Today

Well, friends, if you have a few hours (literally!) to kill over the next little while, you could do much worse than to spend them with the team at A-to-J Talks and lil ol’ me talking about the best stuff from 2016.

It actually happened in 2016, too!

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An Actual 2016 Year in Review in Review

Hot damn, amigos, 2016 finally died the cold, inexorable death that it deserved, and it’s already being remembered as what the cool kids these days are calling a “corker.” Inexplicable election results! Shocking losses of beloved personalities! Confusing and sometimes discomfiting international developments. And that’s just in the world of idol!

With everything that happened, including this here website (/thumbs to suspenders), I figured that just recapping the best of it would be kind of boring, so we can do that and also talk about all the gawdawful shitty things, too.

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The Best Podcast of 2016 Award Will Not Go to This Episode

Oh man.

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Your Homicidols Best of 2016

You people drive me crazy! In eight full days to vote, you still managed to have ties from the first ballot right up through early last evening, and you didn’t fare that much better on the other ballots. I’m kidding, of course; the reality is that this was in a lot of ways a commentary on the diversity of our community and at-times-unexpected preferences off the beaten path. It was also an emphatic boot stomp in a number of categories as somebody’s very good year meant that they dominated the results.

There are winners here based on voting, but every person, group, incident and song that was nominated is worthy of praise, and those that made it this far deserve a lot of respect for winning hearts and minds. What follows is your preference, though, paired with my own commentary (I OWN THIS PLACE!) for reference in the Match a Maniac Challenge.

Special thanks as always to Kerrie for providing the artwork (BUY HER STUFF), and thanks of course to our gifts donors from NECRONOMIDOL and PiGU, both of whom deservedly figured among your finalists and will no doubt be a big part of what we talk about in 2017 and beyond.

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The 2016 Homicidols Best of the Year, Ballot 3

Major prize update! Go read here if you like cool stuff and want to get some

We made it! This is the last segment of voting for the Best of 2016. Ballot 2 and Ballot 1 are still open if you need to revisit or add your votes for the first time. Remember: If you want to be in the running for prizes, you need to have completed all three ballots.

We’ve been through some tough choices so far, gang, and let me tell you that what I know of the tallies so far says that you collectively have had a tough time — we’ve had a lot of great stuff to choose from! But now it’s down to brass tacks for some of the most important stuff going.

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