Homicidols Community Picks for Best of 2024 (so far)

Earlier this month, Team compiled their thoughts regarding the best singles, EPs, Albums, and MVs of 2024 (so far) and then asked our dear readers to provide their picks as well. We now publish those thoughts for the collective edification of all.  As always, thank you to everyone who shared their opinions with us.

Note: There were some overlaps between Readers Best and Team Best picks (notably Odoro, BiS, and lonlium) so if an release already got a mention in the Team Best post, I did not include it in this one. Also, if you believe you saw a draft of this post accidentally publish earlier this morning, it was just your imagination. We are fully competent amateur idol bloggers around here and would never do such a thing.

On to the picks!


REIRIE – “Silly Garden”

Falling_Mantis – BECAUSE IT SOUNDS GOOD AND MAKES ME HAPPY!!! ゚+.゚(´▽`人)゚+.゚


cheffie –  All 3 of these tracks are phenomenal, but I would like to single out Sick Idols because I love that they threw standard MIX into the lyrics.

Clara Magura – “DEATH AND RAMEN”

FredoLove the super chuggy guitar on the track juxtaposed by the extremely danceable chorus. 

Axelight – “Aimai”

ckiemnstr345 – Up tempo EDM is my preferred version of EDM and this song also shows just how far the Axelight ladies have come since their debut.


ajhilton7One of those songs that should always be played obnoxiously loud. Heavy doses of guitars and synths, and lots of twists and transitions. Very underrated song from a very promising artist.


KaisokuI do not believe the group has released any of their music but in physical CD-Rs at their buppan/tokutenkai opportunities, and this song may not qualify as a “Single”, but I am confident this one will surge as one of the year’s noticeable drops once it gets out on streaming.


GARUDA – Phoenix of Resurrection

SeenIt’s a banger! What more needs to be said?

Kaiju by Me – bleach

cheffie – They’re an incredible group and they deserve more love! “Monkey hotel morning” is a bit softer and slower than most of what the group puts out, but it’s a lot of fun. “Garage blue” is also here and while it was released a year ago, it’s probably my favorite track in their entire discography!


Fredo – Great vocal performances, some nice heavy guitar riffs, all around super solid EP from a group that keeps reminding me I need to pay more attention to them.

Satanic Punish – Ezekiel

Stephe Sp☆rklesBrutal hardcore but still melodic and gorgeous.  Only two of the tracks, “metaverse” and “Propaganda from the Rising Sun”, are on streaming but you can get the whole EP from their overseas Base shop.


ajhilton7 With the greatest group on the planet, MIGMA SHELTER, sadly going on hiatus, EUROPA DELIC are there to fill in their shoes for me. Their live shows have incredibly high energy and this EP matches those shows. Only 4 songs (8 if you include the instrumentals), but it’s a great ride. Plus, how can you not love Nishida and her genius gymnastics? 


yosugala – Yomosugara 2

ckiemnstr345 –  Yomosugara2 delivers on the promise of their first album and plus it has a couple tracks by Koji Hirachi which never goes amiss.

Merkmal Mermal – “Kyakkoii” in Tokyo

cheffie – I must be honest and say a lot of my initial interest in Mermal was because of kaigai member Haibara Heidi. And that most of my other groups have not put out an album yet this year. However! I’ve really warmed up to this group and this album went a long way toward that. I especially love “Merumarutteikouze and Natsu no Seida”, particularly for the incredibly fast piano playing in the back.

Genesis Girl – BABEL

Fredo – Idols singing over symphonic power metal isn’t something I’m sure I’ve heard before, and if I have, it wasn’t done this well. The album is super polished, with great vocals and some truly impressive guitar work.


Zessei no Imperial Collection – ZesseiBigaku


Panic Monster !n Wonderland – “Western Candy”

Fredo – Cowgirl idols having a shootout with a masked outlaw, need I say anymore?
And it’s not a category, but the digital single also has my favourite cover art of the year so far.

Kolokol – Mahou no uta

ckiemnstr345 – Sometimes the simple things in life are the best and you can’t get more simple than an MV out in the woods.

Broken By The Scream – “Gekkou Karen Stripe”

Falling_Mantis – Because its PERFECT!!! Tsubaki and Shizuku look and sound like Goddesses!!! And Io’s and Yayoi’s screams were so good I wanted to rip my own face off (that’s a good thing :)) and there is… snow… snow is cool…

situasion – secre7arys

ajhilton7 – It is a true masterpiece.

AKUMATICA – “Two stars.”

Stephe Sp☆rkles – Proof that they don’t need much more than a power ballad, some dance moves, and an empty studio to make an unforgettable statement.

If we still haven’t captured your best, let us know over on the Homicidols Discord server

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