Your Homicidols Best of 2023

The results are in!

2023 is already in the rear-view mirror, but there is one last official act to be accomplished before the year can be entered into the alt-idol archives: the distribution of your Homicidols Best of the Year awards.

It was an exciting process this year! While there was the usual enthusiastic participation from the Homicidols community, some of the nominees also got involved and encouraged their fans to vote. This resulted in a large influx of participation from Japanese wota that we haven’t experienced before. It was interesting to watch as their votes got comingled with those of us overseas fans and to see where  opinions aligned and diverged. The ballots from Japan had a definitive impact in a number categories. 

All in all, we had a record number of ballots cast this year and the broadest cross-section of participation that I have ever witnessed in our Best Of the Year Voting. It was awesome to see, and thank you again to everyone who participated.

But enough with the pre-amble. Let’s get on with the awards!!

Debut of the Year (Group)

Voting in this category was fierce and SUPER MACARONI SALAD put up a good fight, coming in a close second.  In the end, no one could overcome the combined power of Rie Kaneko and Rei Kuromiya.

Debut of the Year (Members and Soloists)

Once r/BABYMETAL learned that the newest member of the foundational kawaii metal trio was in the running, it was all over. MOMOMETAL by a mile.

Surprise of the Year

No one in a million years could have predicted the reunion of founding LADYBABY members Rie and Rei as a power-couple unit, so this category was pretty much uncontested. The only thing that have would have been more surprising is if Lady Beard was somehow also in the mix.

Letdown of the Year

We were let down by many things this year, but nothing was more disappointing than waking up one morning to find that a beloved artist’s entire catalog of music has been ripped from your life. CDs are suddenly relevant again.

Saddest Disbandment of the Year

Their mainstream success led to much talk of their waning relevance to the alternative idol scene over the past couple of years, but a vast majority of you still shed copious wota tears as BiSH called it quits before conquering the entire world (which they very well may have been capable of).

Saddest Graduation of the Year

Whether you were Team Harsh or Team Clean, one-half of both vocal teams left Broken By the Scream this year, leading to another bathtub full with wota tears.

Funniest (Non-PLANCK STARS) Moment

Never before has the Funniest Moment of the Year category been so hotly contested. Ricky himself campaigned for “Duck Pin Superiority,” while we were personally rooting for our own contribution to idol meme cultivation. A personal appeal by Nemuko Nekono of LIEWAN created a late surge deserving of an honorable mention as stuffing 2,300 Pocky in her mouth came in second place, only three votes shy of victory. 

In the end, people were most amused by the GG WACK crew’s visit to a London sex shop with Junnoske Watanabe.

Funniest PLANCK STARS Moment

The sheer volume of PLANCKSTARS shenanigans did not abate in 2023, so they continue to get their own exclusive category.  There was no shortage of nominees (and Mori officially protested her entry), but it was the group’s photo bombing of the Magic Mirror porn studio, leading to their inadvertent debut appearance in an AV, that took the nod.

Reboot of the Year

Sometimes, less is more, and the reboot of MAD JAMIE as a solo act is everything.

Collaboration of the Year

The BABYMETAL faithful turned out in droves to push their collab with Tom Morello over the top. It’s a fair result though. I’ve only met one person who isn’t a fan of the song.

EP of the Year

This was a very interesting one to watch. Halfway through voting, it was an incredibly tight three-way race, with just a handful of votes separating  Odoro, Tokyo Psychopath, and GANG PARADE. Then the Japanese fans got wind of our contest, and GANG PARADE pulled head and never looked back.

Overseas Act of the Year

ERISU had a breakout year in 2023, so it’s no surprise that they repeat as Overseas Act of the Year. 

Best Friend of Homicidols

We have adored her since her days in You’ll Melt More, so it’s no surprise for ano to take home our Friend award in her first year as a non-idol.

Single of the Year

You knew Isiliel would be winning some major Best of the Year awards. The question is just, “How many?” Start counting now as Himari dethrones MIGMA SHELTER who have had a lock on the Best Single award for the last few years.

B-Side of the Year

While MIGMA SHELTER didn’t repeat for Best Single, they three-peat for Best B-Side, winning the honor for the third year in a row.

Best Promotional Art

Zsasz fans have been through a lot of heartbreak in the last year and we hate add to it. They scored a ton of nominations, and the Zsasz faithful campaigned hard, but they will only be taking home this one award. We will miss you Zsasz!

Music Video of the Year

Y’all a bunch of emo punks. The sentimental favorite and final MV by BiSH just edged out Isiliel for best MV.  

Performance of the Year

There were a ton of fantastic shows held all around the world this past year, but PLANCKSTARS chaos-plagued, globe trotting, “BUTTER DOG SUMMIT” has already reached legendary status. It will be spoken of for years to come.

Album of the Year

Isiliel’s exceptional collaboration with the legendary Fredrik Nordström is not just the best album of 2023, it is one of the best albums we’ve seen in years, and the dominant winner in this category.

Most Likely to Break Through in 2024

This is another win that is largely due to the participation of Japanese wota. It was a very tight race until the votes from Japan started rolling in. Then MAD MEDICINE quickly pulled ahead to a decisive victory.

Song of the Year

In a year of exceptional music, Isiliel takes home the honor for Best Song and, again, it wasn’t even close. 

Idol of the Year

And, finally: PLANCKSTARS, the bohemian bad kids from Hiroshima, took their carnival of chaos worldwide in 2023, and take home our top honor.

Thank you again to everyone who voted! See you in 2024!!