Competing Theories Around Yukueshirezutsurezure’s Upcoming Single

We finally have a date for the upcoming first actual by-the-gods single from Yukueshirezutsurezure, as was mentioned back in this interview.

That is not, however, the point of this post. No, we have some very interesting ideas pertaining to that cover art floating around. It is also apparently Conspiracy Week here on

Our pal @ramenshuriken has an interesting notion:

That’s good. And smart. AND WRONG (maybe).

The titles of the two songs on the record are 六落叫 / ニーチェとの戯曲. Idol 2.0 and Phillter both offer different interpretations on that, but I like this outcome:

  1. Drama of the Six
  2. A Waltz with Nietzsche

Why, that isn’t weird at all!

The second title, I’m not concerned about that. But “Drama of the Six” …

Look at the cover art again, either in the tweet or the banner. And look at the mannequin/robot arms.

Tsuyame and Kokoko both have two artificial arms, whereas Shidare and Komachi each have one. That is, the two original members have one arm, and the two newer members have two. Additionally, Shidare and Komachi’s artificial arms are each holding the hand of disembodied artificial arms.

Ramenshuriken’s interpretation is a fair one, for sure. It is not, however, nearly strange enough for this Maniac. I offer two (extraordinarily plausible!) alternatives:

  • The truth is in the colors worn by the members, originals in black and newbies in white. They’re all in lingerie, perhaps going to bed. The colors and body positions together indicate balance, even life and death, and the extra arms are indicative of Shidare and Komachi being more fully themselves while still holding on to the past.
  • Screw that noise. “Drama of the Six?” Two disembodied arms? A nod to old members is nice, like the song will tell the story of how the group got to where it is, but this is actually the leaders pulling new members into the group at that time — they’re currently in training, but will be revealed after/coincidentally with the release of the single.

Or just as likely? Someone in management (possibly Megumi!) is kind of weird.

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