This Weird Hit Piece on Babymetal etc. Is Too Wrong to Care About

I used to really enjoy some before the jokes started to get old, and I actually used to enjoy Felix Clay in particular … and there’s no “but” to this. Felix wrote a terrible listicle on Babymetal / idol metal, it somehow made it through the site’s editorial process despite being riven through with errors and, frankly, more than a smidge of racism, and it’s making the rounds via social media because nothing says “I must correct the Internet!” faster and harder than, well, us.

Anyway, here’s the article. You may be of the “don’t give them page views!” type, and that’s fine, but Cracked does and will do just fine regardless of whether you look at the piece. It’s a question of whether you want to be either annoyed or puzzled or amused by somebody doing a terrible job of proving a preordained point by thinking out loud in HTML, basically, and spent all of three minutes on to do research (I can think of no other reason why nIo is included; nIo doesn’t even exist anymore).

My advice is to go about your business. You’ll make more progress talking people down on Facebook than getting the vapors over a clunky article that everybody will forget by Tuesday.

If, however, you read that thing or were otherwise looking for it and stumbled upon this wee post, welcome, and here’s a fairly thorough backgrounder on Babymetal and I encourage you to browse through all the various stuff on here. You’ll be a fan of something in no time!

Photo: Babymetal not catching on in the West.

3 thoughts on “This Weird Hit Piece on Babymetal etc. Is Too Wrong to Care About

  1. Never heard of Cracked. We wouldn’t expect anything other than 3 minutes of research for a drive by article. We find it fascinating that in this age of information, where the knowledge of the world is at our fingertips, most are to apathetic to take advantage of that fact, even when presented with factual data via other peoples timeless research efforts. “Willful ignorance” is the descriptive term we often use. Recognizing that facts will often destroy ones preconceived notions and stereotypical opinions on certain subjects. Of course, nobody wants to have their comfortable little bubble burst and ultimately have to reassess something that was previously pigeonholed and compartmentalized into their grey matter, never to be considered again. We are assuming that this article was brought to this site because our site host may be slightly irked by the authors assessment of a topic that we here, have a much deeper understanding of. We wouldn’t expect much more from a non Japan oriented website. Ironically, this apathetic attitude, in regard to research and knowledge of Japanese underground musical artists, can also be found on alleged Japan-centric websites. Case in point, and we are looking at you, A to J connection. Their recent podcast discussing various underground idols was an example of the very same lazy, apathetic “journalism” that is on display in this Cracked article. When the subject of Kamen Joshi arose, the host readily admitted that his research began an hour before the program, consisting of a video or two and quick glance at facebook. His assessment of them is simply “the Genkidane chicks that like to be photographed in bikinis”. Much like the Cracked authors opinion of Babymetal will forever be “the little girls who dance and sing about chocolate”, case closed. As the thousands of Babymetal fans descend upon the Cracked comments section in an effort to correct and enlighten the author, we and a few of my fellow “Destroyers” are often put into that same position on this very sight. Working under the assumption that certain Western based, Japan oriented sites, including Homicidols, are attempting to raise awareness of the activities of artists, we often try to bring to light certain news worthy items, feeling confident that if enough information is shared, that others may choose to dig a little deeper, as we have, and might possibly discover some previously overlooked treasure. No different than the journey of discovery most of us embarked upon involving Babymetal. Admiitedly, Kamen Joshi is not the easiest artists to wrap ones head around, and we hope to only share what we have discovered on our own about their long history, deep discography and vast areas of cross promotions that make them the one of the most active artists out there. To sum up, that slight irritating feeling that some of you may get in reaction to the Cracked authors superficial, drive by article, is the same vibe us Kamen Joshi fans experience on a regular basis. Welcome to the club. What does all this we wrote amount to????………Not a god damn thing.

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