This Weird Hit Piece on Babymetal etc. Is Too Wrong to Care About

I used to really enjoy some before the jokes started to get old, and I actually used to enjoy Felix Clay in particular … and there’s no “but” to this. Felix wrote a terrible listicle on Babymetal / idol metal, it somehow made it through the site’s editorial process despite being riven through with errors and, frankly, more than a smidge of racism, and it’s making the rounds via social media because nothing says “I must correct the Internet!” faster and harder than, well, us.

Anyway, here’s the article. You may be of the “don’t give them page views!” type, and that’s fine, but Cracked does and will do just fine regardless of whether you look at the piece. It’s a question of whether you want to be either annoyed or puzzled or amused by somebody doing a terrible job of proving a preordained point by thinking out loud in HTML, basically, and spent all of three minutes on to do research (I can think of no other reason why nIo is included; nIo doesn’t even exist anymore).

My advice is to go about your business. You’ll make more progress talking people down on Facebook than getting the vapors over a clunky article that everybody will forget by Tuesday.

If, however, you read that thing or were otherwise looking for it and stumbled upon this wee post, welcome, and here’s a fairly thorough backgrounder on Babymetal and I encourage you to browse through all the various stuff on here. You’ll be a fan of something in no time!

Photo: Babymetal not catching on in the West.