This Is the Oyasumi Hologram Live Experience

Dear idols: When you take on the massive lift that is going from the Tokyo underground to international touring, you get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the ol’ Homicidols editorial calendar, and things that I’d ordinarily Weekender become features. If I can goose interest in your gigs when they’re going to happen right here in my country, I’m going to do it, you know?

In this case, with Oyasumi Hologram now only a couple of weeks away from their first (and hopefully not last!) run of U.S. tour dates, I wanted to highlight some live video from their gig over the weekend. If you’re new to them or just plain on the fence about whether to get to the Bay Area or New York or Philadelphia, maybe these little tastes of what’s in store can sway you. Or you’re like me and will just plain enjoy seeing OYSM doing their thing!

This one has a treat for those of us who’ll be picking up the U.S.-exclusive 27 EP; it starts with “N” and ends with “euromancer”:

It’s always funny to me how my favorite songs by idols are often not the same as most people’s

This is going to be such an amazing tour, you guys. May there be even more surprises yet to come.

Disclaimer: Homicidol Maniac is participating in promotional activities for the Oyasumi Hologram U.S. tour