Here Is Just Our First Reward for Getting Oyasumi Hologram Stateside

Yesterday afternoon was annoying. I had seen this MV release in my feed, I had set up this post as a shell, and I was just waiting for a chance to do something with it. The time, it did not come, not until late as all heck and it wasn’t worth forcing out something to publish so late in the day, and instead I moped around it. That the thing wasn’t written in full until pretty much right now, though, that was a deliberate, had-alternatives choice, because I wanted to come back and give it a few more spins and soak in it. Enjoy, friends:

Now, this is normally the kind of OYSM track that I’d Weekender or post up on a Sunday, freely acknowledged. But you know what? I’m sure that more than a few of you contributed to the Campfire campaign, so reap your rewards while you can. Personally? I’m going to be doing my level best to make sure that as many human beings as possible are at every one of these gigs, up to and including posting OyaHolo and Necroma and TORIENA ad nauseum, so deal. If you know what’s good for you — like Oyasumi Hologram is — you’ll venture forth to at least one of these shows and be all “man, I sure was right to listen to Maniac!”, which is as right and true a thing as has ever been said, and which is also said all the time.

Anyway, I say our “first” reward. True! Not only is the 27 EP being made just for us, and not only will we get to buppan and stuff with Kanamil and August-chan, but we’ll get the satisfaction of being evangelists for some of the literal best of idol. We’ll get to be the people that our friends think of as trend-setting smarty-pantses. And, I don’t know, with another month and change before things kick off, maybe there’ll be another MV to keep our appetites sufficiently whet.

This is going to be a great-ass tour.

One thought on “Here Is Just Our First Reward for Getting Oyasumi Hologram Stateside

  1. First Passcode, now OYSM. Is the concrete viewing platform thingy in the mv going to become the venue of choice for all chika idol mv’s usurping the warehouse or rooftop?
    The original Migma Shelter could have bungy jumped off of it.

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