This Is Probably All the DiSPANiC You’ll Ever Hear

Hey guys! Have you ever heard of DiSPANiC? Probably not! And that’s okay, because you’re never going to hear of them again!

What we’re talking about is a duo formed back in the spring and just disbanded. That ordinarily wouldn’t warrant a mention — that kind of thing happens all the time — but I’ve been completely and stupidly in love with this bonkers sample and had just been waiting for some video or something before I DiSPANiCed you. Instead, this is all we got.

Almost all of their history is encompassed in that tweet!

But no, they actually managed to stick together for a few months. Then, according to Jul, they took the stage last weekend … and very casually announced that this was their last live, thanks everybody, peace out. This blog post pretty much sums it up, too.

I mean, if you want to go out on your own terms, that’s pretty much the way to do it, right? I just wish there were more of their music available online, because that little clip is right up there with Bokura no Oyugi in terms of sheer WTF.