This Is NEO BREAK’s First Single

And speaking of stuff that I didn’t get around to working on while I was on hiatus, here’s one that I found to be a true personal delight … two weeks ago, when I first saw the video and made a post draft. “A ha,” thought I, “’tis the perfect item to schedule ahead for when I will be detached from the Internet!” So cute of me to think that I’d actually have the time to do all of that, pre or otherwise!

It’s a nice song, though.

This guy was actually released on Sept. 26, so I’ve technically gotten in the post within the opening two weeks of its existence, YouTube publish date of the video (and lack of full MV) be damned. They also had a one-man on the 30th, which I obviously didn’t inform you about despite the big note a few lines down from here that I’m about to delete, because, like, this post is late.

However, they have another one coming up on Nov. 1!

For a little bit more:

NEO BREAK is, yes, part of the glorious Class of 2018. I have no idea if they’ll ultimately keep up the same kind of ridiculous presence as the Class of 2014 or even 2012, for instance, but you gotta like the odds of us talking about some of these groups two years from now as, like, the setters of the trends of the time.