This Is cyberMINK

Doop dee doop, cleaning out the ol’ queue and … why, what’s this? A completely contemporary second reference to the thing in the old draft that you just forgot to follow up on? Excelsior!

Remember Living Dead I Dolls? And Satomi, from the same? And remember how Satomi was 100 percent a free agent as of a few months ago, and able to do whatever she wanted, which probably corresponded to her pre-idol time as a Soundcloud rapper* singer-songwriter? Well, she’s back:

That’s cyberMINK (Twitter) by name. It could be called Poop Sandwich for all I care; I’m too busy doing the googly-eyed I-love-this-so-much thing.

cyberMINK began just as Satomi (or Hina, as I believe she’s going now), near as I can tell:

I’m chuckling a little bit over how, really not that long ago, I wondered if idol had kind of exhausted its adventurous capacity, and if rock sounds were commonplace to the point of being passe, and here we are, pigs in the slop that is idol showing completely disrespect for any kind of notions of genre or boundary. Bless these girls, really.

*One could be forgiven for doing that with “Soundcloud” at any time, really