This GARUDA MV Is Everything I’ve Ever Wanted

I am a man of varied, but simple, tastes. I like savory foods and funny movies and boozy drinks and contact sports and loud music. I like most of these things best when I’m the one doing them, save for the loud music part, as I am not blessed with such skills; instead, I like when loud music is performed in unique and interesting ways, like by Japanese girls screaming into microphones. Hence, this whole idol business, and this whole Homicidols thing. For almost two years did I delve deeply into idol, chika and otherwise, discovering and sharing and thinking and celebrating, before putting HTML to Internet. I thought I knew all there was and would be.

There were idols of all shapes and sizes, of all genres and styles. Some did great, others less so. Some seemed to even transcend ideals, as they blended and offended elements until they had a thing that was all their own. And still, there were holes! The most notable, for me, was industrial. Yes, I spent a long stretch of time declaring for the world to know that an industrial idol, even a reasonable facsimile of the same, was my Most Wanted, my white whale. If I could have that, I could consider the loudol circle closed.

And then GARUDA, the ball of dangerous creativity otherwise known as Yuffie, answered the bell. Her first real-deal single has been available for purchase for a hot minute, and now we get the real-deal MV for it:

If this song doesn’t make you want to bathe in filthy water in a decaying urban warehouse that may or may not be where your father died in a tragic-but-as-the-plot-will-show-deliberate caustic chemical accident some 25 years ago, and that for the purposes of the story doubles as the allegorical representation of your own emotional state, something that can only be wiped clean by the structure-immolating destruction of the man who engineered Ol’ Dad’s death and sent your family into a decades-long cascade of suffering and wroth, I’m not sure that we can be friends.

The only shame of it is that, on a chika budget, we don’t get the visuals that can really complement the sound. But will we settle for Yuffie and her plague doctor mask? We will.