These Kittens Got Claws: Mew Mew x i’olet

My goodness this is a weak week in idol. What gives? Did everybody tap out emotionally after all of that crap last week? I keep expecting some Codomomental previews or WACK videos or something, and I got nothing. Guess we’d better look at some heretofore undiscussed idols!

Here’s one:

Now, this is kind of funny. The group is MewMew x i’olet, and this is their Twitter, but that’s not quite actually their name; MewMew is the original group, an “art & pop” project, but one of the members is on hiatus so management decided to spin off the remaining duo as a rock side project.

And it’s cool! In fact, I first was exposed to their “art & pop” routine several months ago by your friend and mine Pure Idol Heart, but there was just too much jazz happening at once to cover them, and then time slipped away and this is why I have 250+ unfinished drafts in my queue. Hilarious. But! MewMew x i’olet debuted at ZEPP Diver City of all places, and it’s like they channeled that original group’s conceit all the way through to the rock unit, too, because it’s all kind of beautiful.

In the original “Idols Go Unpronounceable, Nonetheless Rock” post, this is how I was going to introduce you:

The edges do soften to an extent, though:

Good enough

Frankly, if you want to get into this group, and you now have every conceivable reason to short of being related to one of the members (and if you are related to one of the members, let’s talk!), a great place to do that is on their very very very busy YouTube channel, which approaches Gokitei levels of throwing content at a wall.