SHINGEKI MVs Are the Solution

Ah, SHINGEKI, just when I think that maybe there’s an upper limit on just how random they’re going to be in their work, they go ahead and prove me wrong. Such an interesting trip each time out, as you try to predict what steps they’ll take, where elements will be threaded together without so much as a shred of coherence … and it works. It always works.

Recent laments / celebrations as to the same aside, I did partially miss out on SHINGEKI’s release of a couple of new MVs in super-real time (a man only has so many hours), but now we can put them together and really appreciate what one of idol’s deliberately weirdest entities can put on.

From last week:

This one popped up yesterday:

I imagine that creative meetings at SHINGEKI HQ work like a reverse card-sorting exercise — they record song elements as a group, organize them, likes with likes, and then all pose for photos around the last time that their music makes any kind of coherent sense before throwing the cards down the back stairwell while an industrial fan blows them every which direction. The resulting pile, picked up in no particular order, dictates how their songs will be edited together.

And this says nothing of their visual design

As an added bonus, here’s their trip to some adventure park:

I know it’s real because, unlike a typical team-building off-site exercise, nobody looks like they’re ready to start stabbing their co-workers!