There Shall Be No Further Mockery of Death Vocals in Ladybaby

So, Ladybaby, as you recall, began life with the Beard himself adding growls and screams and the like to what was usually otherwise a jangly mess of sounds from a drunken night in Akihabara. Sometimes a delight! Following his departure, though, the mechanical add-on harsh vocals seemed like some kind of rude joke; they got the point across, but with none of the pizzazz unless you’re very easily impressed.

When the group underwent its complete re-tool following the falling-out etc. between Rie and Rei*, one could be forgiven for thinking that the old way of doing things was going to be politely left aside. The piped-in death growls were kind of ha-ha cheesy at first, only to become just-plain cheesy in short order, to the point of ridiculousness, so songs that just skipped that whole bit and instead tried to actually be good songs, they were way more enjoyable; I mean, I know that people loved the hell out of “Pelo”, but I’m still overly partial to “LADY BABY BLUE”, which is as far a departure from “Nippon Manju” as you’ll find this side of a Negicco ballad.

And then they decided to let in this girl:

Queen of the Scene is going to get very interesting this year

They’re even letting Emiri get by with a little bit of self-promotion away from her idol persona:

Also, everybody go pat Rain on the back for being on the case with this an entire friggin’ year ago:

Which he was so kind to remind me of! Hence, it can now be endlessly bragged about that was sharing Emiri with the world before she had ever gone idol. That Before They Were Homicidol featurette is gonna be weird!

*Reports indicate that it started as a simple disagreement over the merits of the ‘I before E’ mnemonic, turned even bloodier than the great Grammarian Wars of 1972-75