I Guess We May as Well Prep for Another New WACK Group

My cynicism meter must be cranked all the way up this morning, because as soon as I saw that Watanabe’s Big Message was for yet another live training camp/audition thing, and that dun-dun-duuuuunnnn Aina was going to be a participant, all I could think was: WACK has run completely out of ideas, and this isn’t even remotely fun anymore. The Bring Me to Life BiS auditions were an event; last year’s pre-WACK Fes audition thing, while derivative, still had that element of anticipation; this just feels tired.

But then I bothered to read the stupid article:

So Aina (and Pan Luna and Peritan and Maika) are participating, and many new/ish faces will be put through their paces, and the event will last an entire week, and it will all be streamed 24/7, and at the end will be an all-WACK expo (again!), and … well, it’s pretty explicit that there’s going to be another project coming out of this, not dissimilarly to how EMPiRE got their start last year. And does anybody else read that participant list and get the feeling that ahem some additional member shuffling and possibly leadership updates are going to be made? That has to be the most interesting angle to the whole bit.

You have to give Watanabe a ton of credit: The dude’s managed to turn even predetermined set pieces into high wota drama that no doubt makes a ton of money for everybody* involved.

*Probably not the idols, though

5 thoughts on “I Guess We May as Well Prep for Another New WACK Group

  1. What was odd to me, is that when the auditions were announced months ago, i understood it as the accepted girls would be only added into existing groups, so honestly, I’m kinda happy to hear that something new might be the result; everyone but EMPIRE IS pretty full to the brim.

    That said, he also stated that the applicants would initially be judged by singing alone, so we’re bound to get some good ones regardless.

    And a small sidenote for the other comment: they already have a small army of songwriters; that’s what SCRAMBLES is

      • Well I mean, whether he writes them or not is one thing, but they have an ample supply of songwriters. hahaha

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