Your Homicidols Weekender #11

Say, gang, remember the Corenament? I bet a bunch of you don’t because there weren’t that many of you in those days! That’s fantastic, because while I liked the idea behind the original, I didn’t totally care for the execution (and then it got stupid at the end and I was mad). But it’s actually almost time to start up this year’s version, and I have a problem: I don’t have a good concept in mind.

Last year, it was all about song vs. song, all-time. This year, let’s do something a little more interesting. Think of yourself right now as the proverbial Italian cook throwing pasta at the wall to see if it’s done; just toss out ideas, and maybe something will stick. I’m going to put out a more thorough call for suggestions next week, but anything that can spur creativity is a good thing.

So What Haven’t We Talked About?

Literally the best thing written this week was by our pal Brian from Supreme Nothing, with this really cool story about the soon-to-disband THE SPUNKY, a Philly punk legend (hi Jim!) and a collaboration that we came pretty close to getting that, no kidding, might have been too cool for words. For real, I linked it in the last sentence, and now I’m saying to go read it because holy shit.

Literally the worst thing that could possibly happen other than an actual war crime is this new one-off concept from BiSH. “BiSH Gakuen” they’re calling it. And there’s this incredible, and incredibly long-threaded, inside joke that I want to make that like only two other people would understand, and one of them would get really mad and I don’t want that, but suffice it to say that I can’t believe this is happening and literally laughed at the follow-up tweets:

Strawberry Syndrome — you know, the Rinahamu project that’s a band and also yume-kawaii idols and doesn’t seem to do half as much as that combination makes you want it to, comes up in reference often enough; there’s a new track this week.

Remember the greatest film project in history? The Alice Project‘s official YouTube account added English subtitles to the schoolgirl-urban-gang-beatdown film that is a great way to spend a chunk of drunk time.

Say hey to the newest member of DISDOL:

Did you know that Hanako-san‘s songs have actual lyrics?

I didn’t, either. Apparently, so do Living Dead I Dolls:

I was looking for a different bit of Hauptharmonie at work the other day and instead found this dude’s guitar cover of “Reden ist Silber, Tanzen ist Gold”:

The instrumentalist happens to be the admin of the Daily Idol group on Facebook — why don’t you go over and join and tell ’em Maniac sent ya?

Speaking of Facebook, did you know that Ayuni D has her own dedicated fan page? Not even #THEENDER can say that (unless my very lazy search had a very lazy result). Terry’s been busy!

Here’s Yajima Mai’s full MV for “Blood Resolution”:

Any Tsuki to Taiyou fans out there? After they started off like fire back in 2014, 2016 should be remembered as the year that things kind of went to crap; they rebooted the members, but didn’t release anything and just did a bunch of lives. Now, the three remaining members are graduating, and I guess that puts the future of the project in doubt.

More contemporaneously, remember the latest release from Tsuyogari Sensation? Here’s the full MV:

Nice song!

In honor of Babymetal meeting a real rock legend backstage the other day:

They’re kind of a big deal! I have to admit, though, that I’d be okay with this girl temporarily taking the lead from Su-Metal:

Emiri=beast. Here’s a full sample of her work:

Have a bitchin’ weekend, you guys!

9 thoughts on “Your Homicidols Weekender #11

  1. How about favorite vocalist something like Aina the End’s sultry rasp vs Imada Yuna’s death scream.

    Isn’t the Bish Gakuen just a one off concert for the high school/jr high set?
    As someone who put together some concerts for the under 21 crowd in a past life and knows intimately what a difficult and money losing venture that is, I thought it was pretty cool of Bish to do that or is there something I’m missing?

      • My bad. It’s too early and I drank too much last night for my brain to register snark.
        Maybe a few kind words from Chitti or Ling Ling will give a young man the confidence to approach the girl he likes. If any country could use more teenage pregnancy it’s Japan.

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