There Are Many New Things about JyuJyu in These Videos

Good morning my friends! Please tell me that you’re down with JyuJyu, the cursed idols and their gloomy, doomy, murder-spree presentation. If you aren’t, why, what’s that matter; if you are, I hope you’re as excited to see their new stuff as I am.

Yes, JyuJyu was included in the Megathread, so “new” in this case doesn’t completely apply when it comes to the people, but look, here are two live videos from last week, featuring the new quartet lineup and a pair of new songs:

I think I prefer “Yurari Yurari” to “DIE raw kill”, but that’s all good stuff.

They also picked up this new logo:

I’d say “cool new logo,” but this looks less like a cult symbol and more like the badge on a letterman’s jacket at a high school in Bram Stoker’s version of Transylvania. Which is fitting, I guess.

Among just ever so many others, JyuJyu will be at @JAM this weekend. Prepare your souls.