The Renewed PIIIIIIIN Has a New Single Cooking

One of the nicest surprises that you can get when idol-diving is something that you didn’t notice at first but tripped over while looking for something else. Like, I completely missed that PIIIIIIIN had dropped a new track the other day until I happened over to Soundcloud to find another track, and there it was, like the very best kind of slap in the face.

“Jumping” comes to us from their new single, due in a month. If this is what we’re getting from the ostensible A-side, I can’t wait to see what they do with its partner!

Nice! That’s very solidly on-brand. Here are some lyrics:

They debuted this at their first (ha) one-man the other day. Here are some photos!

The world of idol is better with PIIIIIIIN in it. I’m glad they made it back to existence!