The Festive Tale Of How THE BANANA MONKEYS Ruined Christmas

T’was Christmas afternoon, the household was merry

In the living room sat a bleary-eyed Kerrie

As she waited for turkey she seemed ever-chipper

And she opened her laptop to check daily Twitter

“I don’t need to write, maybe I’ll stick the telly on”

But then she saw, the cursed tweet from Banamon

“We have a special gift from us monkeys to you,”

“A music video, almost brand-new!”

Kerrie groaned “Well this is no good,”

“Banamon news on Christmas? Of course you bloody would”

“Who will even read Homicidols today?”

“They’ll be too busy drinking this cold Christmas Day”

As she watched the MV Kerrie started to pout

T’was just a recap of what she already wrote about!

So she typed up her feelings and struggled to rhyme

For THE BANANA MONKEYS had yet again wasted her time.