The ex-BiS Soundcloud Shindig

Now has probably never been a better time to be a BiS fan with a soundcloud account. Their current iteration has just about finished posting almost their entire album on there, but even if you’re of that portion of fans who gave up after the BiSmageddon of 2020, Soundcloud seems is where ex-members are flocking to for their new endeavors. In particular, Pour Lui and Aya Eightprince have been very active this week, with Pour Lui teasing her new solo album and Aya just kind of doing whatever she feels like. 

Starting with Pour Lui, who announced her second solo album at the start of the year, only for it to get overshadowed by more tragic news that same day, and then something bigger and potentially more confusing later that week. Pour Lui being Pour Lui though, she’s not going to be forgotten about that easy, and posted two tracks from the upcoming Minna no Pour Lui II yesterday:

She’s still got it! “KEY ASK” is a better-than-average Kentacore ballad of the primal. variety (did you know this is still a WACK album even though Pour Lui technically left two years ago?) and “Illegal” really stands out, both as a throw-back to Pour Lui’s pre-BiS sound, and as a fun electropop bop in general. God knows what her upcoming group project is going to sound like, but we’re safe in the knowledge that her solo material is shaping up to be a compelling piece of art.

Moving to Aya Eightprince, who actually has no official upcoming music releases at all! (She did release two photobooks last month though, if you’re interested in that). Nope, she’s just posting demos whenever she feels like it, and really, good for her. After spending the last 3 years being passed around as WACK’s communal chew toy, she deserves the freedom to do how she feels!

Aya really was one of WACK’s strongest vocalists during her tenure, so its healing to hear her voice again. The songs themselves are great, if a little modest, but its also important to remember, so far, they’re just demos. Imagine the power of an Aya Eightprince with a full production budget behind her. 2020 is the year we all live in either collective admiration, or collective fear, of Aya Eightprince.

Finally, I’m going to bring up Peri Ubu, now signed with Avex of all places. Unlike Puu and Aya, who both posted their new tracks this week, Peri actually hasn’t released anything since late last year, but… please, just listen to this.

And to think, she has almost a whole album’s worth of anthems we haven’t even heard yet. No words.