The Biggest Loser: Andy Copping Foiled, Babymetal to Download UK

And if that isn’t as convoluted a title as I’ll ever publish, I don’t know what is!

So, first, the important stuff:

UK kitsunes, rest easy: You don’t need to travel to France to see Babymetal at Download, but will be able to do it (relatively) in your own backyard.

This is funny-newsworthy, though, because of this:

A screen capture of Andy Copping's tweet that said that Babymetal wouldn't be at Download UK

Andy Copping is one of the bookers/promoters for Download. He’s kind of a big deal in that regard. And he can be forgiven for maybe not thinking that a (possible) flash-in-the-pain viral video hit from Japan was going to be able to rub shoulders with international rock royalty.

Fittingly, though, it was only a year later that Babymetal infamously “crashed” Download with their pals DragonForce just ahead of their (winning) appearance at the Golden Gods. Also, this happened:

So, Andy Copping, first you were out-foxed* by Babymetal, and now they have forced your hand. Ha.

For more about Babymetal’s 2016 world tour, see the schedule here.

*GET IT??????!!!!!