That Time OYSM & Necroma Performed At a Mausoleum

The latest adventure in the USA with NECRONOMIDOL (This time accompanied by Oyasumi Hologram.) has come to a close! It’s always fun to take in the experience through the eyes of other fellow fans as these shows make their way across the tour, and get a new perspective of these events as other people see them. As circumstances would have it, Team Homicidols was unable to represent at this tour, mainly because real life is stupid and piles on it’s own commitments. Perhaps one day, idols will overthrow the wicked forces that run this world, oppressively placing demands upon us that distract from what’s really important, which is going to idol mass and paying proper respects to our deities.

Until that day happens, we thankfully have wonderful friends of Homicidols like Killer Cashew. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the Cashew and Asto, his partner in crime, and they’re terrific people who deserve great experiences like this tour. I’m glad that they were able to enjoy the show, and I’m indebted to Mr. Cashew for taking time to contribute an account of the evening in his own words. Let’s read about the fine art and dark visions he witnessed! 

Hi, Killer Cashew here. Normally I’m a quiet follower of the Homicidol community, but due to circumstances, none of the usual contributors were able to attend the Oyasumi Hologam/NECRONOMIDOL leg of the crowdfunded world tour. I was asked if I wanted to share some details of my experience and so here we are…

I have seen many musical acts over the years, but never anything in the realm of idol. So when Oyasumi Hologram announced east coast dates with NECRONOMIDOL along for the ride I was determined to make it to the show. Two of my favorite units together on my side of the country was just too much to resist. With the help of my partner in crime, Asto, we were able to overcome a long list of setbacks and commit to seeing two of our favorite acts.

The closest venue would be in Philadelphia, a 8 hour train ride away from our home. Our travel was delayed by hours but we arrived at the Philadelphia Mausoleum of Contemporary Art or PhilaMOCA cutting it a lot closer than we would have liked. The venue itself was a stone fronted building.  “Monuments,” “Finney & Son,” and “Mausoleums” marked the front of the building. A small group of attendees had gathered outside, easing my thoughts that we had wandered to the wrong place. Appropriately, the entance was below the mausoleum entrance where a bold typed paper taped to the door verified the night’s performers. The inside of the one-time mausoleum showroom is now home to an art gallery with a stage backed by a wall-sized projection that was showing Go Negai’s Devilman. The art on display was all themed after films and shows directed by David Lynch. Necronomidol’s manager Ricky, OYSM’s producer Ogawa, and the event promoter and Necronomidol collaborator Derek were the faces I recognized at the merch table.

Devilman faded into a video of a fireplace as Mevius, a three person group featuring two guitarists and a drummer, kicked off the night. A short time later Oyasumi Hologram took the stage. Now the projection displayed the previously mentioned David Lynch’s Eraserhead. The crowd cheered…

The moment Hachigatsu and Kanamil got on stage it hit me that this was really happening, and when Hachigatsu hit her first note I was floored. All of the live YouTube videos I have watched over the years did no justice. I definitely had a big dumb smile as I bopped and followed crowd actions. The outfits were on point and every song was fantastic. Kanamil came into the crowd at some points, even riding on the shoulders of one lucky fan while playing the cowbell. Hachigatsu inspired lots of hopping and cheering and her English was quite good.

NECRONOMIDOL was on next. The projection changed again this time playing Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain, adding a layer of disquiet to a building level of excitement. In paraphrase I’ve heard that you aren’t ready for Necroma and well, that’s true. The movements of the choreography, the outfits, and the sheer presence of the ladies are overwhelming in a very positive way. All members performed an incredible set.

After the music was wrapped up, the remainder of the audience were asked to line up for chekis if they wanted. I was pretty happy to see lots of people getting in on this. At first I was going to settle for experience of the show and a bit of merch, but honestly this pilgrimage called for a holy relic. Asto wanted in, so we did a couple as a group with Kanamil. She was very sweet! I was too embarrassed to attempt the very basic Japanese that I know, but she followed English conversation very well. I ended up dropping off some gifts and getting another souvenir photo with Himari who has been very busy studying English. It was a pleasure to meet and talk with her. As nice as a complete cheki collection would have been, cash, time, and sleep deprivation would not allow for it.

Ricky and Derek were very amiable and professional. The crowd was great, especially those that lead in the audience participation. I would really like to extend thanks to everyone that made this night possible and hopefully there will be more opportunities like this in the future. This experience set a new bar for my understanding of crowd-pleasing. It turns out that idols are explosions of charisma in human form. At the end of the night we shared a ride to our hotel with some other attendees. One of them joked that they were worried that they left something important behind at the show but that it would be fine as long as it wasn’t his chekis. Godspeed cheki dude.

And there you have it! It’s nice to know this show was as positive an event as the things I’ve heard about the other stops along the way. I find the stories about the personal rewards that fans get from these adventures to be as gratifying as the concerts themselves. Thank you very much Killer Cashew and Asto for taking time to share this, and I’m looking forward to seeing you again at a future event! In the words of the late and very dearly missed Stan Lee, EXCELSIOR!!!