Task Have Fun Is Very Aptly Named

It was only a matter of time before I finally (finally!) got around to one of idol’s most infectious guilty pleasures. I of course refer to Task Have Fun (Twitter); let’s begin our journey with a certain little video that had a very hot minute a few months ago:

I mean, it’s a legit Video of the Year candidate

If it hasn’t yet, “3WD” will eventually bore its way directly into your brain and stay there like a particularly pleasant sensation of jazzy pop rock not dissimilar to falling asleep while listening to some 70s fusion. And if the song itself doesn’t get you, the visuals alone are going to demand that you keep coming back for another go. It’s downright rude, I say.

Now, I called Task Have Fun the big winner from this year’s TIF, and the steadily rising view counts on that video back it up (it’s picked up thousands!). Sure, maybe some idols got bigger boosts overall, or came from a bigger place and only enhanced their aura, but there was a definite pro-Task Have Fun vibe to all of the video that hit YouTube over the first two days of the festival.

They’re not new, but they’re not that well-established, either; in fact, while I didn’t have Task Have Fun in mind when I mentioned PassCode’s getting a big bump at TIF 2015, they’re a couple of groups that were in a similar place and on a similar trajectory when they made their festival debut, and it’s opportunity well-earned.

This was their debut, from a little over a year ago:

I mean, you don’t have to be heavy to rock, and you don’t have to rock all that hard to be fun and undeniable. I have a feeling that this is one really worth keeping an eye on.

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  1. One of the groups that I’m following that has the biggest potential, honestly. Can’t wait for more stuff, and maybe time will be nice and they’ll be performing when I’ll be in Japan in January.

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