A TIF Aftermath Post Because Why Not

The Tokyo Idol Festival has officially ended, and bizarrely quietly; I’m sure that attending it was amazing, but gaijin access was curtailed this year, which is dumb, but did contribute to some really nice adds in the Megathread (thanks guy!).

Best Job by Old Favorites

There are a few sets that I haven’t seen yet, but I was (just like normal) moved like an easily manipulated man baby by There There Theres, who historically (as Bellring Girls Heart) always seemed to make the venue theirs and never missed a beat. They were right on point with that this year, too.

If “Asthma” doesn’t move you, you aren’t human

Kind of Disappointing!

I really want to love NATASHA. I love the idea behind it, I love how very few fucks are given, I even hipster-like “Justice in the Sky” from last year. I thought that Rinne’s departure would make the product better, seeing as how it could just rock straight ahead. But their “debut” last year felt like a moment; this year felt like a contractual obligation. I’d show you the video, but it seems to have been scrubbed from the Internet by the combined forces of humanity’s disappointment.

Newer Faces to Follow

One nice thing about TIF is that, with most of the idol world’s eyes turned toward it for three days, it’s a handy place for an agency to debut a new project (=Love being one example) and for fans to discover new acts. I personally got moved by HARAJUKU MONOGATARI (more on them later! literally!), who are like a bigger, slightly more accessible version of C-Style.


A lot of idols do TIF. Some debut there and then never do it again (DEEP GIRL!); some are relative mainstays for the event but never really leverage that into anything of note. And some really make the most of their appearance, like 2015’s serving as a launchpad for PassCode and Osaka Shunkashuto for good reasons and BiSH and pre-GANG PARADE for bad.

This year’s big bump had to go to Task Have Fun, right? A bunch of people (rightfully) marked out for that “3WD” video a few months ago, but these girls were all over TIF and getting wota to eat out of the palms of their hands. Pretty cool. Really shows you the power of catchy jazzy Motowny power pop and completely ridiculous choreography, doesn’t it?

Who I Hope Can Use This to Break Out

I’ve been on the uijin train since the very beginning, and going from the depths of the indies to TIF in your first 10 months of existence is pretty good. They have the chops; can they parlay this appearance into a bigger presence?

Thing I Really Wish I’d Seen

No big deal, just Band PASSPO performing with ayumikurikamaki:

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  1. Not sure why you think Rinne leaving Natacha would make them better somehow!

    The PASSPO thing was really nice, I didn’t know they would be performing as Band PASSPO – Ayumikurikamaki were on stage for the last two songs.

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  3. “Band PASSPO performing with ayumikurikamaki”…

    I didn’t know such wonderful things were still allowed to happen in this bleak world.

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