Fruitpochette’s ‘Scream~Unlash’ Is Available on U.S. iTunes

I mean, the headline says it all. And confirmed on a number of other countries’ iTunes, too. You can buy your very own only recordings to feature Rum, whose single month as a member of Fruitpochette nonetheless deserves to go down as kind of historic — the duo known for their power cleans got with the trends, hired a legit harsh vocalist … and then, well, she was gone.

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Fruitpochette Lives, and This Is How

Speculate no more for at least a few minutes! Discovered via the fan club on Facebook, Fruitpochette will be releasing a new single/sort-of EP “in early August,” and this is it:

The track list:

  1. 絶叫-Unlash-
  2. 瞑想-In your mind-
  3. 魂火-Devotion-
  4. 飛翔-Believe my dream-

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