Rum Has Already Left Fruitpochette, Yet Hope Remains

Thanks to Jul again for the heads-up (I apparently owe this guy a Pepsi or something), but Fruitpochette, so laden with monster promise following Rum’s replacing Mina at TIF just a month ago, has already left the group.

You can read Shiori’s statement here. It sounds like there were some personal differences, maybe. And note how Shiori has changed her Twitter handle again.

Nonetheless! Shiori’s message also contains the important nugget that she won’t be a solo performer for long; solo performer Narasaki Kyuri (Twitter) will be joining her at JAMxNatalie EXPO and will continue her existing solo career while working as a member of Fruitpochette.

Here’s her blog entry.

As for Rum and death vocals, I guess we’ll always have TIF.

Updated most recently to clarify the name of Shiori’s new semi-permanent partner. Check out the comments, and please do offer any insights if you have them.

11 thoughts on “Rum Has Already Left Fruitpochette, Yet Hope Remains

  1. I don’t like growly vocals personally so I was not impressed with Rum, but that is just personal taste. I do not see this as being good news, because if Kyuri keeps her solo career going will handicap Shiori.

    Does not look promising, but always hope and I love Shiori and will always support her

    • I was having a conversation about this, very similar. Kyuri, we think, is probably a placeholder; there was a lot of positive response to Rum, and management will probably look to fill those shoes on a permanent basis after taking some time to assess. I do still think they’re drastically underestimating what they have, even just with Shiori — there’s a market there for Fruitpochette, and they seemed to be approaching it very tentatively until Rum happened. Like it/her or not, it was a pretty bold move. So yeah, let’s keep hoping for the best, whatever it might be.

      • While I’m sure they’d like another harsh vocalist, it’s going to be difficult to find one. I mean, you’ve got to find a good-looking girl who can scream, dance at least passably well, sing a bit, keep up with the idol schedule and, most importantly, get on with Shiori and the rest of the team (according to one guy on the fan page this may be why she quit, judging from some behaviour at a fan meet). There can’t be many girls like that around who are both within easy reach and available.

  2. Her name is Narasaki Yuri, not Narasa Kyuri. This is an interesting choice, because her solo music is nothing like Fruitpochette. But, they are all good friends, and it would be difficult for Shiori to go solo, because the singing and dancing combination needs a lot of energy, and so it’s good to share the workload.

  3. Perhaps I’m wrong. Yes, all the info available indicates her name is Kyuri, but Narasa is not a Japanese family name. Perhaps her name is Kyuri Narasaki? The twitter tag @ならさきゆり is probably a condensed version of this.

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