the mistress Are Very Loud

Here’s a quick update for everybody who thought, say, what’s the mistress up to these days? The answer is, being very loud, as this recent live video will attest:

Here’s an old favorite done by new members!

This has been a quick update about the mistress.

Let’s Do Round 2 of the mistress’s MV Resurrection Series Together

Well, “resurrection” may be a strong word in this case, given that the mistress was more Psylocked into existence than anything else, but I digress. We remember the disbanding, and then the announcement, and the first MV and feeling like, hey, this thing could do a thing, let’s see where that all lands, and then hey look today it’s time for the second installment!

Or, more correctly, all of the second installment

Again, where the heck did the mistress* suddenly acquire the cash to do ~competent CG in their video? I realize that a crafty intern with the right software and a free afternoon can do quite a bit these days, but have you even seen the usual degree of creativity in these things? It’s pretty much exactly like what the the mistress members** do in this MV, except applied to the graphics and stuff. Continue reading

Here’s Even More on the mistress

That’s a really weird-looking title, huh?

I had been meaning to catch up on the latest track from the just-re-debuted mistress, aka now the mistress because what are you gonna do, but let’s take care of that second and instead have a nice long look at the full version of their MV (and song, really) for “Would you kill yourself now?”:

Those, uh, Osaka vibes are indeed strong! Continue reading

So Mistress Ain’t Dead, Huh?

Well hell’s bells, friends. What is dead, truly, may never die, at least not as long as idol is a thing. Mistress, hot off of disbanding, is back — in a sense! Yes, the members are all gone, and the group had its farewell live, but “the mistress” lives and has a real-deal MV to prove it:

It’s clearly time to update that ranking of PassCode songs!

There’s obviously not a whole lot to go on from here, except that the debut is on the 11th and there are members: Continue reading