Here’s Even More on the mistress

That’s a really weird-looking title, huh?

I had been meaning to catch up on the latest track from the just-re-debuted mistress, aka now the mistress because what are you gonna do, but let’s take care of that second and instead have a nice long look at the full version of their MV (and song, really) for “Would you kill yourself now?”:

Those, uh, Osaka vibes are indeed strong!

Here’s the newer one:

You’d be completely correct if you looked at the production on these and listened to the songs and thought, say, I get the feeling that there’s a pretty good chunk of money behind this group right now. That’s true! The question I have is why it required a total rapid reboot to pull that off, unless the original trio didn’t care for the direction. Possible. OG mistress always had some of that digital sound going on, but not to the level that they had started to move toward earlier in the year, and this PassCode-meets-NEMLESSS-meets-etc. spin on the sound is, if not novel, then at least a departure for something simultaneously punchier if not perhaps more accessible. And if there’s a real investment being made in this iteration’s success, then the forces behind that real investment are going to be looking to make some bling back, and, like, do your own math.

Also, am I the only one sitting here and getting NEVE SLIDE DOWN vibes from this whole thing, about two years on, only that this isn’t a we-B project and Kolokol exists.