Sayonara, Baby: Tsuyogari Sensation’s Full MV

Caleb apparently likes to upstage me lately, and that’s fine, because anybody who frequents this site and passes by on Facebook by definition has very good taste, and therefore deserves to be listened to. Like, remember when this happened? I had seen people referencing this yesterday and didn’t get that it was actually referring to a full-on finished product, but lookit!

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Idols Have Good Advice on Idols

Doop-de-doop, going’ through the ol’ Twitter feed. Hello, what’s this?

If you’re a follower of @homicidols on Twitter (And you should be! The jokes are many and mostly appropriate!), you may be aware of my advocacy and support of U.S.-born idol Amina du Jean*, who has demonstrated her good taste in music on many occasions. So if Aminyan makes a rock idol recommendation, I’m going to check it out. Continue reading