It’s NoA Time for Indie Idol Wednesday

Once upon a time (last year), there was an underground idol project called DiSPANiC. Odds are that you have no idea what I’m talking about, have never seen nor heard of them, nor will you ever because the group just casually broke up a while back, casting the two members to the wind.

One of those members was Noa, who has something of an identity in the idol world as a model and singer and stuff. The modeling stuff I knew about, because that’s what’s usually on her Twitter feed, but I’ll also confess to having had stopped noticing very much from her until Jul suggested the other day that I include some of her recent musical work in the Weekender. That’s not a bad idea, but come on — this warrants much better than the Weekender:

Very nice. And this is, like, her first documented musical stuff in forever and a day; you can follow her on YouTube if you like, but the next most recent stuff is two years old. You may, however, find that you appreciate finding out when she drops her next demo or whatever.

2 thoughts on “It’s NoA Time for Indie Idol Wednesday

  1. There’s a lil live video of her here:

    The other stuff on her youtube is back when she was called Tadase Ayu, before DiSPANiC, when from then on she’s called Yamamoto Noa. She released one single back then as Tadase Ayu and still does those songs. She wrote the lyrics to the two songs you posted.

    As well as the modelling you mentioned, she actually spends most of her time working in a bar in Shinjuku. As her instagram profile puts it: “Artists/dance/model/Lyricist/Gambler/fashion/Screamo/music/game “

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