Garry’s Final Tokyo Travelogue Is Full of Obvious Lies and Falsehoods

You guys, I think we all enjoyed parts 1 and 2 (really 2 and 3!) of Garry’s travelogue from his recent “la-dee-da, look at me, I’m so cool and special because I had the trip of a lifetime in Tokyo” sojourn. Part 3 (actually 4!), on the other hand, I know for an absolute fact contains not a single bit of truth. You’d have to be the most gullible person alive to believe half of what this guy’s saying.


Don’t let the hair and dramatic looking Twitter photos fool you, Sari (NECRONOMIDOL) was so nice to talk to and I’m pretty sure I got way more time with her than anyone else did so that was a plus.

Everybody knows that more than a few fleeting seconds in Sari’s presence leads to spontaneous human combustion.

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