It’s Not My Fault If You Get Really Jealous: Garry in Tokyo, Part II

Our dear, dear friend Garry of added the second installment of his three-part travelogue yesterday. His first report kind of made me hate him a little bit, given how he managed to run through about 2/3 of what my own personal idol vacation in Tokyo would look like, and in the span of a week.

Fortunately for Garry and unfortunately for me, the trip didn’t exactly slow down.

I got a 2-shot with Ayano from Bellheart and wished her luck on her impending graduation/solo career. She was really nice to talk to, a theme that I’m noticing is beginning to develop here.

Son of a–

Afterwards I was able to get a 3-shot with both Hachigatsu and Kanami which was awesome. They were also selling their new album a week early so of course I picked that up. Expect a review on the site real soon. Oh yeah, I experienced my first earthquake when I got home that night.

Nice euphemism, Garry.

Then it was back to Tower Records for BiS, which was … to say it was packed would be an understatement. … The live was cool, and for the buppan afterwards I was able to shake everyones’ hands and get a 2-shot with Pour Lui. The staff-san were a little rough with me during the handshake I have to say, it’s not my fault if your idols want to talk more to the gaijin than time will allow.

I can’t even begin to describe what would happen to me if I were to be in the literal physical presence of Pour Lui.

Anyway, go read the whole thing. It would probably be fun to leave Garry a nasty note or two, especially if you’ve never been to Tokyo before yourself and suddenly find yourself wondering how many meals per week you’d have to skip to make the trip before BiS’s inevitable next implosion.

Sorry, just one more because I’m a child:

To top it off I also fell and banged my elbow up pretty good on the finest asphalt that Japan has to offer, so yeah not the best trip ever.

Sounds like a pretty great trip to me! /rimshot