Homicidol Mashup: Let’s Congratulate the Winner

Many, many thanks to everybody who chipped in some custom art in the very first Homicidol Mashup. We have a winner! Continue reading

Your Creative Efforts Will Be Crushed: Vote for the Best Homicidols Mashup

The call went out, and I got a couple of legitimate LOLs from the submissions. No, it didn’t take many submissions for the first Homicidols Mashup to yield some great creativity.

In the end, there were two dominant themes here, one of them nodding to the going-away favorite in rock idols and the other acknowledging the most enthusiastic followership other than that. Nonetheless, these are good mashups! I feel like I need to give honorable mention to spineyrequiem, regardless of outcome, for taking the concept the furthest.

Vote for your favorite; I’ll keep this open through Sunday night/Monday morning. Continue reading

I Have Fun with Things: Let’s Play the Homicidol Mashup

**Okay, unpinned and basically closed, but it’ll take me about 24 hours to get a vote put together, so one could aruge that it’s only mostly closed.**

I bet some bozo on Facebook got a good laugh out of me saying that this joint venture between Bellring Girls Heart and Oyasumi Hologram gave me a good idea. PROOF’S IN THE PUDDING, YA JAMOKE!

I’m traveling this week/end, with likely big constraints on how much wit I can grace you all with, so I wanted to roll out something that I thought might be kind of fun. How about a Photoshop contest?

The idea is simple: Take two (or more, if you can swing it) idol groups that fit within the general constraints of this site, or like one of ours and some “normal” idols, whatever, and mash them together, rendering the concept via Photoshop or Picmonkey or whatever. You know, a mashup.

Here are my two ice-breaking examples: Continue reading