Go Ahead and Give Me Your EEEEEEEEEEEE! Takes

I swear to you, I am not deliberately holding up EEEEEEEEEEEE! to anything other than your consideration; I know that many folks were fans of Natsumi when she was with DISDOL, and retain an interest in where her career turns, so I’m inviting feedback, people. I didn’t know what to make of EEEEEEEEEEEE! when that whole business first started (and frankly still don’t know what to make of it), so let’s have ourselves a look at the band doing their live thing:

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Cuz I’m EEEEEEEEEEEE! Like Monday Morning

So remember that potentially-very-cool project EEEEEEEEEEEE! from a little while back? It continues to move forward, albeit with all the deliberate intensity of a bathroom remodel at Maniac Mansion*, and today released unto the world this live video for “Better off alone”:

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We Return to WTF Tuesday with a Very Special Message: OBEY

Take a journey with me, friends, and understand that our guide is none other than Takahashi Natsumi, former leader of DISDOL and current solo idol. It is a journey through … actually, I’m not sure. Just a little unsettled though!

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