Going Solo: Change at DISDOL & a New Future for Takahashi Natsumi

Graduations usually suck, but this is a case where it might wind up being a win-win for just about everybody. Takahashi Natsumi, leader of DISDOL going back to the beginning, is graduating and going solo.

This blog post from DISDOL sums it up: Natsumi’s graduation is more or less immediate (though her last live is yet to be scheduled), and Tsuki Airi will take over leadership duties.

Airi seems to be excited

This new listing on Bell Agency’s website has more info on Natsumi’s solo project (not much). And what’s that about funding?

If you visit this link, you can see the crowdfunding page (I believe the same service that NECRONOMIDOL used). It’s not a small amount that Bell/Natsumi is looking for to kick things off (about $14,500 U.S.), but it’s also not a completely insane sum to start up a completely new musical project — gotta pay for songs and stuff.

Details will post on Friday, and the campaign will run from the 28th to the 30th. I’m sure that shaking out our cumulative couch cushions will yield somewhere in the vicinity of $3.75, but it’s still a start!

FWIW, Natsumi is as well-equipped as anybody in the underground idol metal scene to make solo transition; she’s not as big-voiced as some, but she’s better than most, and she’s like Haruno Megumi in the way she holds an impressive on-stage presence. Good luck to her!

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