I See Idols: An Evening with Avandoned

I was kind of excited about this. You’d have a hard time making me a case to include geek idols Avandoned on this site as a regular thing, but they’d be a central part of the sister site. Not only are they cool as hell, but their tour in the U.S. was basically under the guidance of their collaborators/friends Hijokaidan, and if you get a chance to see Jojo Hiroshige and company do their thing all of 45 minutes from your house, you do it.

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Guess Who’s Going to See Avandoned?

This is so cool, you guys:

The tl;dr version of all of this is that legendary noise rockers Hijokaidan are headlining a small-venue U.S. tour with a bunch of in-and-out artists of similar bent, and they’re taking their alt-idol project, Avandoned, with them.(!)

Very cute, Beni.
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