SENANAN has never done anything conventional. When she told us about her marriage and pregnancy she also announced several active projects that she would be stepping away from. Conspicuously absent was any word about the future of her idol unit SUDDENDEATH.

Now that both SENANAN and Osuzu are back from maternity leave, they are reviving SUDDENDEATH, and they’re bringing the kids.

Their first event will be a “Mom Meeting” at the KRY Cafe in January. Children are welcome!! They also announced a resurrection live in March. I’m not sure if the kids have to stay home for that one.

For those not keeping track, SUDDENDEATH began as Petitmo Ladies with Miri-chan (formerly Mai Chun of Candye Syrup version one). With Miri-chan’s departure, they rebranded and performed with temporary third members borrowed from BURST GIRL (first Yura Pico and then Miyak). Whether or not they will again be borrowing a third for their upcoming lives is unknown, but we do know they will be teaming up with their old backing band BB=.

While 2019 brought us a baby-themed idol unit, it looks like 2020 may be the year of actual babies IN idol units.

UPDATE: The response to the inaugural Mom Meeting was so overwhelming that they had to close ticket requests after 24 hours and have added a second date.