Stay Away from Typos When Talking about PEDIOPHOBIA

So the last couple of weeks have seen teasers for a new group, and that culminated in member reveals and then finally a digital debut that really brought it all to life. It’s a familiar script! I know that Team started talking about this new project last week, when we realized that the former Zenkimi idol then known as Togaren was back in the game. We got pretty stoked! And then we had ourselves a good ol’ fashioned grimace-fest at the group name, but we got over it.

In case you hadn’t figured it out, that group is PEDIOPHOBIA, and that all started right about when this happened:

And then we finally got their first MV today!

And that’s the debut! So far, so good: You have lolita idols in a familiar setting doing a lolita idol kind of song, it all makes sense. The product is fine. So let’s quibble about the elephant in the room, which is that just about the only more awkwardly named Japanese idol-related thing is probably this thing of Ichigo’s, and yes this is entirely based on cultural conditioning and that weird thing where your brain sees combinations of letters and tries to associate them with one thing that isn’t what they say, but also, like, come on.

Now some smark out there’s already saying WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL THEY’RE A LOLITA GROUP CALLED ‘FEAR OF DOLLS’ MAKES PERFECT SENSE TO ME, YOU’RE THE ONE WITH THE PROBLEM MANIAC very likely while smugly smelling their own farts, and look, I understand the overall point you’re making, but also have you ever seen the typos that I make on the reg? As Team chat can already attest, me and PEDIOPHOBIA are going to have a hell of a time working together under these constraints.

Anyway, this isn’t quite what I expected them to sound like, but it makes perfect sense that they would sound this way, so here we are. Welcome to the party, PEDIOPHOBIA. I hope you have a great first year!