Scream into Phone, Win Prize

We haven’t had a whole lot to say about PassCode this year, gang, and frankly it makes me sad. I have a deep bias for Osaka’s loudest denizens, and I genuinely really loved their Clarity album even though I couldn’t get it past the Best Of censors and onto the final ballot. It is nonetheless right and good that we should at all times and in all places make a big deal out of PassCode-related things when those things are fun, and especially when they involve the masses doing a thing together to support their favorite loudols.

In this case, that thing is a, well, look at the title of this post, then watch this video, then go to the description and copy it and paste it into your favorite translation app (or use a browser extension like a fancy person!) and figure it out, jack!

Basically, you get the app, you record yourself shouting, and you enter into a worldwide(?) competition with lots and lots of other people, including members of PassCode, to see who’s got the goods and takes home … some kind of prize? I didn’t read that far, and frankly I happen to best like the idea of this being a competition entirely for respect, and that some random person in like Chile winds up being ranked first ahead of Yuna and then everybody high-fives them and laughs.

Sounds fun!