Spend Your Friday Evening with Bellring Girls Heart

Summer may unofficially be over here in the United States, but it’s still a great time to get out, see friends, drink margaritas on a veranda while listening to Juan Gabriel tributes, things like that … OR it could be a great evening to spend inside, surrounded by people who might be trying to kill you, watching batshit movie after batshit movie and eventually getting to:

Adventures of Bellring Girls Heart across the 6D has been mentioned here before, and it’s the kind of thing that fans love and launch crowdfunding campaigns to have subtitled, and it appears that this piece of work — which I have been told probably isn’t authorized, but whatevs, “the Internet” and all that — is the culmination of that effort.

After you’ve had a chance to unscramble your brain, do come back and tell us what you thought. I’m going to try to come up with a better pun to play on white clothes being out of season and black wings and … yeah, you guys go ahead.

Via the Idolmetal Facebook group

4 thoughts on “Spend Your Friday Evening with Bellring Girls Heart

  1. It’s not a *good* movie, but other groups release videos of themselves sitting in a van eating burgers and those get fansubbed on day one. We’ve got to fight for what’s right!

  2. Spent a fun evening watching it a couple of weeks ago. And it’s the greatest film I have ever seen. But then I hate watching films so don’t listen to me…

  3. Well, that fits right in with how I think of a typical day for Bell-heart. That is some serious 1960s style head tripping. Also, I want to shop at 6D Video.

  4. “Not a good movie” is an understatement. It was a completely fun to watch train wreck. Someone send this to Rifftrax or MST3K (I think it’s coming back). The lesson of the movie: machine guns can solve all your problems.

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