Sanity Shouldn’t Be Hard: Bellring Girls Heart DVD Trailer

I don’t know how or why Trash-up is taking so long to get this out (you’ll note that the Bellring Girls Heart members in the thing are of a year-plus-old iteration of the group that’s now very different [and very different for Bellheart is almost unspeakably different]), but I finally got around to watching it. If you need more convincing that the only gods in this heartless universe are twisted children, go ahead and watch this:

It’s sometimes best to not understand the language, you know?

3 thoughts on “Sanity Shouldn’t Be Hard: Bellring Girls Heart DVD Trailer

  1. I’m interested in seeing if the DVD comes out with English subtitles. [Someone on a message board] said the studio hired a translator to make subtitles, but we don’t know if they’ll be included on the DVD. If not, it’ll be a burn to fan-sub it, knowing real subs already exist in some other dimension…

  2. Everyone on here should be well aware that “sanity” and “Bellring少女ハート” do not belong in the same thought (^_-)

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