Songs Like This Are Why You’ll Melt More! Matters

We’re getting really close to the point where I even have a chance of disliking something that You’ll Melt More! releases. In this case, it’s like they knew that people in the USA are prepping for a holiday weekend and the living nightmare time well-spent with family and friends that entails, and they beamed a garage punk song directly at my heart:

“めんどいしんどいPUNKするか” (“Mendoi tired or PUNK”? Auto-translate hates this), much more so than their other release so far for We Are a Rock Festival, gets close to being one that fans will someday look back on as “oh yeah, that was a great song!” These ones always crack me up, though; I know what you’re trying to get at, Professional Songwriters, but you’re just not going to be able to get back that great, raw sound from when you were 17 and “recording” with your iPhone in your mom’s kitchen. Still, the spirit is there, and it is good.

I’m also extremely glad to see that they’ll probably be sticking with the same release-a-ton-of-PVs strategy as they did with You Are the World, because I never would’ve found YMM if they hadn’t, or at least not tried so hard to explore, and that would’ve been the kind of mistake that costs lives. #melodrama

Happy Friday, gang.

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