So about that Phase II Thing I Keep Referring To

It’s only fair that I let you know why I’m trying to recruit people to help out around here and why I asked you all for a little demographic info and why I keep referring to something that has to happen eventually or the people who make fun of me in various fora will just have even more fuel.

I’ve explained before that this site isn’t a vanity project or “just” a hobby (frankly, the only reason I even care about traffic numbers is because this). I started this because I learned about cool music and wanted to put my professional skills in web management etc. to use in helping other people learn about that cool music.

The site has done a lot better than I thought it would, and our community is a lot bigger than I thought it’d be, and all of that a lot faster than I thought was possible. So good job!

But I said it was time to start working into Phase II, and a logical first step to that is explaining more about what that is supposed to look like and how it’ll (hopefully) work:

  1. The point of Phase II is to reach beyond ourselves. We have friends, we interact online, etc. Babymetal manages to pop up in some mainstream-ish publication just about every week. What I want to do, working with you as fans and experts, is develop a strategy that will help us share relevant idols in popular media that can expose many, many more people to the things we love. The Census showed that we have really varied tastes, and I think we can take advantage of that.
  2. I’m not going to say that needs to be the mechanism by which we share things, but it can be. That’s partly why I hustle the way I do, and why I’d like to have some other folks contribute content — the more, the better.
  3. So yes, there, more content, but also more information and resources, hence the research angle. When people hear a song that they like, can we provide accessible lyrics? When they come across idols that they particularly enjoy, can they learn more about them as people, about their agency and label and etc.? What about when they Google, what will they see? This is a big part of the project, but an especially critical one.
  4. It sounds stupid for a person who’s done things that I’ve done to say, but the site could stand some new layouts and styling, and I have no bloody idea how to do that on this wacky platform (in this case, choosing “free” over “what you know” didn’t work out terribly well).
  5. You may have noticed that I’m not a web designer. Like, at all. But this site needs to be prettier if it’s going to be more appealing. Some of that is graphics. But we all know how people respond to creative work, whether it’s funny gifs or majestic drawings or Photoshops or what you all like to call “memes” but are in fact “image macros” because this is what a meme is. </pedantry>

But that’s the gist. I’ll start doing some little polling projects and may approach some of you one-to-one for feedback.

I just hope that getting there is going to be as fun and rewarding for you as all of this so far has been for me. Just think — we can make a lot more of us!

You guys like that image? How tremendously pretentious.

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